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Adult ADHD Diagnostic assessments, Neurodiversity school and workplace consultation. Post diagnostic support including ADHD coaching for adolescents and adults.

Supervision, Consultation, Training and Workshops for professionals: please contact for details.

Would you like help with:


-Worry and rumination

-Panic attacks





-Social anxiety


-Feeling stressed and overwhelmed

-Low self-esteem

-Managing stress and burnout

-Vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue (Trauma at work)

-Elevating your assertiveness and confidence

-Elevating your Performance at work

-Managing Transitions

-Improving your wellbeing 

-Problem solving 

Are you feeling anxious, worried, or stuck? Are unsure how to resolve a problem, help a family member, noticing the pressure mounting or that you are being highly self-critical? Are you tired of always striving and life feeling tough? 


Please get in touch to schedule an initial consultation.

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